Thursday, December 05, 2002

I've been thinking about how to use this diary. Today one of my daughters asked me to start retelling the stories I used to tell them when they were little. I think this is a good idea. This doesn't exactly fit into my genealogy software program. The stories are more fanciful -- though the telling of them is very traditional in our family. I remember beginning to tell these stories when I was pregnant with my third child. By then I had a 4 year old and a 5 year old daughter. I remember being very tired. I began telling the stories because I wanted to be with them, and do things with them, but I was tired. So we would lay down on my big bed, and we'd look at the bumps in the ceiling, and call them clusters or communities. I'd always point to one, and then begin telling these stories.

Carrie wants me to begin with the Christmas stories. Should I begin begin with the traditional ones, and then branch out, so to speak? I always thought as a child it was neat to lay down under the bottom edge of the Christmas tree and look up into the lights, or see my reflection in some of the colored ornaments... mom had some that must have been bigger than a softball. But I was always shooed away from doing this -- too likely to break something. But I thought it was a wonderful treat, so I made sure to let my kids do this...

Carrie particularly remembers my telling stories under the Christmas tree. So tomorrow night, I'll tell how our family invented Christmas trees, back when it was our 14th great-grandmother Elise, in a castle in far-away Europe...

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