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Tuesday, April 18, 2006

1880 Census Image Availability

From: Fred Rowe
I recently tried to display a 1880 census image at Ancestry. From what I can tell, 1880 Ancestry is NOT FREE ANYMORE!!! Go to FamilySearch and get the index, go to the Ancestry link and it asks for $ now. And now it tries to get $ for the free World Tree entries, from unsavvy users, but you can get to them for free if you know how. Why does Ancestry try to get $ for free services? Is access to the 1880 census really gone? Please help.


You are correct, it would appear that free access to the 1880 census images through is not blocked. Here's how I tested your theory:

Ol' Myrt here used her sister Mary's computer (where I had never logged in to, then went to's 1880 US Federal Census Index. The link to the image for my ancestor Daniel Weiser required that I log in to my membership before viewing.

On that same computer, I went directly to's census area, and see that the label for the 1880 census says "Free Index." Well, that isn't much of a freebie, since provides it's own double-blind data entry index for free.

Pray that the website for your ancestor's state and county is working on a scanning project for the 1880.

Happy family tree climbing!
Myrt :)
Your friend in genealogy.