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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

READER'S FEEDBACK: How forthcoming IS Ancestry?

NOTE from DearMYRTLE: “Myrt’s Skype Friend” just now Skyped feedback regarding “How forthcoming IS Ancestry?" from an earlier posting today.

MSF said:
“Ancestry’s decision to remove the RootsWeb mailing list for users was counter-productive and short sighted. should not shut down any feedback mailing list and force feedback only through their approved message boards.

Cheshire Cat PR explanations don’t fit the bill. Members would appreciate taking serious look at comments, pro and con; and then saying ‘There’s a kernel of truth to this - let’s do something.’

No point in letting members continue to fall down the rabbit hole.

From my reading of genealogy mailing lists and blogs, and face-to-face discussions with fellow genealogists, several problems described by users of have existed for years. I heard they hired someone to fix the search engine, but nothing has really changed as far as I can tell. The look is different but not the out-of-context results.

If is truly interested in improving their service, they will actively seek out issues to fix and actually FIX them.

On the positive side, Ancestry’s TV advertisements pull new genealogists into the study of family history. Also, has a lot of quality content on the site. In my opinion, the price of an annual subscription is reasonable. I equate the $299 annual fee to the cost of one meal out at an OK restaurant each month. And in some places, it is a meal for two.

All in all, has a good product. Unfortunately, their corporate image masks this fact."