Tuesday, August 31, 2010

FTM should sync info with Ancestry Trees

Ol' Myrt here keeps an eye on Randy Seaver's Genea-Musings blog when he talks about Family Tree Maker. The same is true for Russ Worthington's Blog and his GenealogyWise page. I knew that after today's announcement of the release of Family Tree Maker 2011, these two gentlemen would be sure to make comments. Ol' Myrt was not disappointed. See:
 You'll see I also posted a comment as I've expanded in the following
Hiya Randy! I agree 100% with the problem of "syncing" one ancestor's updated info between Ancestry.com Trees and an FTM database. I thought at first I was missing something when I first started using the online Ancestry tree.

I still put my data up at Ancestry Trees to find the "quick & easy" record groups with the "shaking leaf" option.
I also advise my readers to look every other month for each ancestor from the individual screen shown below, which does a more thorough contextual search. However, the new data must be typed in and cannot be updated automatically.

To get to the contextual search option, view your Ancestry Tree in pedigree format. Then roll your mouse over an ancestor's info box, as Ol' Myrt here has done for her great-grandfather Alma Oades Player. Up pops a box with more details, and the more detailed search option is available as shown above.

What FTM needs to do with the Ancestry.com is similar to what's happening with programs that truly sync with new.FamilySearch.org. (Read that "not just view".)

As the old familySearch.org website goes away, and everyone has access to what is now in new.FamilySearch.org in early 2011, then this sort of "sync-both-ways" feature will become the norm.

Geesh, I need to make a blog entry about this.

Thanks for writing "I'll wait on FTM 2011."

Happy family tree climbing!
Myrt     :)
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