Friday, September 10, 2010

Bloglines is closing 1 Oct 2010

During the summer, Ol' Myrt began living in a cloud -- CLOUD COMPUTING that is. Among the choices I made was to use an external (read that must-be-connected-to-the-internet) blog reader, and I'd selected as my reader of choice. I did this to accommodate the fact that I use a desktop computer when home, and this laptop when traveling. I was missing too much while traveling.

However, today I discovered that Bloglines will be closing 1 October 2010, so that the parent company can maintain its focus on its popular Q& A format. For more info see:

This means that I'll need to go back to my original "cloud computing" blog entry, cross out the recommendation for Bloglines, and refer folks to this blog entry.

(to a file you can then import into Google Reader as I've done.)

Basically the folks at Bloglines have given us some great advice:

1. Click the FEEDS tab.

2. Scroll toward the bottom, and click on "EXPORT SUBSCRIPTIONS."

3. Select "SAVE TO FILE" (making not of the location where you save your downloaded files.) Then click "OK". The default file name is "export.opml" (without quote marks.)


Then open your Gmail account, and select "READER" toward the upper left portion of the web page. Then scroll down to select "MANAGE". Select the "IMPORT" tab, then locate the "export.opml" file on your hard drive by clicking the "BROWSE" button. Then click "UPLOAD" and in a few seconds your blog feeds are inserted in Google Reader, and ready for your review.

Quick and easy! Do it now. Don't wait until it's too late. I had hundreds of genealogy and techie blogs feeds to transfer from Bloglines to Google Reader. This method took only a few minutes. The hardest part was finding my .opml file in my download folder.

Happy family tree climbing!
Myrt     :)
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