Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Should Google be interested in

CNN Money pointed me to a blog posting by wall street analyst, Jake Lynch titled's Growth May Attract a Suitor, published 11/17/2010 at 6:30am. Citing 43% growth, "average revenue per subscriber expanded 7.7% to $17.75" and the doubling of quarterly free cash flow year-over-year to $20 million, Jake suggests "Although Ancestry is an outstanding stand-alone company, it would be an ideal target for a certain technology company with oodles of cash and a similar penchant for collecting information -- yes, Google." (GOOG)

As end-users of, we turn to them for scanned images of historical documents and online family trees that facilitate collaboration among researchers. Would a move to Google ownership be good for subscribers? I think it is hard to ignore Google's free apps for email, photo storage, calendars, and shared workspace, to name a few. Would this mean lower costs for viewing record collections and indices? Would this mean additional resources to improve search engine functionality?

What do my DearREADERS think about Google owning

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