Thursday, March 03, 2011

Got Blog?

Thank-you for the positive feedback from yesterday's MORE Blogging for Beginners Webinar, now available in archive and CD format. (Hint: The CD version has the handouts.) Here's a sampling of comments from attendees:

  • I am creating my first blog and have the courage to do it now. Thanks for the push.
  • Excellent follow up to DearMYRTLE's previous blogging webinar. Learned lots of new things.
  • Enjoyed the presentation, very clearly presented.
  • I was too intimidated to blog because I didn't understand how to do it, now because of DearMYRTLE's webinars I am starting a blog today! Thank you for the opportunity to learn.
  • Thanks! I learned a good deal of helpful material today.
  • I viewed "Blogging for Beginners" yesterday, setup Google reader and subscribed to 5 blogs. 
  • Today's More Blogging...was fantastic. Looks very easy to get started. I am amazed at all the options to personalize your blog. You can keep it very simple or use the many tools for customization. DearMYRTLE makes it easy. Thanks to Myrtle and Legacy. I've got to go setup my blog.
  • What an excellent format. I love that I can participate from home, but it won't stop me from attending expos and Jamboree!
  • So many helpful tips. I've tried out two other blogging platforms, came back to Blogger, and didn't realize this webinar would talk specifically about Blogger. I'm so glad, because I learned many tools to use that I've wondered how to do. - many I did not even know about. The tip about creating a tab just for my Disclosure Statement, and where to come up with that info was excellent! Thank you for that!
So NOW you've Got Blog? Sweet music to my ears! Blogs are a great way to:
  • honor your ancestors, one blog post at a time
  • distribute your society's newsletter for free
  • chronicle your research process
  • share ancestor photos
  • spotlight unusual documents encountered in your research
  • build excitement for an upcoming family reunion
  • share family recipes 
  • interact with cousins, siblings and grandchildren.

Order your set today!
During both DearMYRTLE webinars about blogging, we focused on using the free services provided by, a Google property. If you missed the live webinar, be sure to order the 2-CD set, complete with handouts in .PDF format, so all the links are clickable.

During yesterday's live webinar, a blog was born! YUP! One of the participants switched windows and set up her blog while Ol' Myrt here was answering questions at the end of the webinar. It was amazing to imagine being there as brand-new genealogy blog was born. Gramma Myrt here couldn't be prouder!


1. Go to (There is no cost for this service.)

2. Sign in with your Google user name and password. (This is the same as your Gmail account. Remember Google owns Blogger!)

3. Click "Create" and follow the screen prompts.

You'll also want to follow the tips and tricks Ol' Myrt has outlined in Blogging for Beginners and MORE Blogging for Beginners. Be sure once you've set up your blog, and have made a few posts, consider using the Networked Blogs App over on Facebook, so it can automatically place your blog posts to your Facebook wall.

THANKS again to our friends at for sponsoring the two webinars in DearMYRTLE's Blogging for Beginners series!

Happy family tree climbing!
Myrt     :)
Your friend in genealogy.