Thursday, March 17, 2011

WikiTree: 5 generation updatable pedigree widget BETA

For fun today, I've been emailing back and forth with Chris of He asked me about what changes I'd like to see on my interactive pedigree chart widget. He reminds me this is just in BETA, and that I'll be the first to test this out on my DearREADERS. Be sure to give your feedback on how you like the look of the widget by posting a comment below this post on my blog.

As he was tinkering around a WikiTree widget that would work with width of my blog (which is very close to the default), Chris asked if I wanted dates, or ranges of dates, etc.. Having too much information for each ancestor will look crowded on the 5th generation that he added since my initial blog post featuring his experimental widgets with just 4 generation pedigrees. I then replied:

What genealogy software programs do is truncate fields or eliminate them on the 5th generation. Does this sort of thing make sense? Will one be able to pick and choose which options they prefer?
  • names only
  • years only
  • full dates
  • full locations
  • full dates and locations
Chris' response was to explain eventually there might be justification for providing options, but queried me for which ones did I prefer. I suggested:
  • Full names
  • Full dates
  • Full places
  • even if it means only 4 generations
I also told him I love the photo pedigree, and the little clickable links on each side of the ancestors' names that lead one to descendants and ancestors. Since I started with my father's side of the family, my 5th generation doesn't have a lot of photos. I would favor not having photos there in favor of more info on the ancestors.


updated live from the WikiTree free online family tree

This means that when I change an ancestor's info on, it will automatically update the widget on my blog, or any other website where I've placed the widget. Kewl option, huh?

The WikiTree widget below starts with my paternal grandmother,and I've included it here so you can see how "missing" information looks. I just don't know anything about Dolly Yockey's parents -- my biggest brick wall. With Dolly's father, I "estimated" his birth year and place, but in the case of her mother, I left out information entirely. I figured these are two likely methods for dealing with information in your usual personal computer database and I wanted to see how it looks at WikiTree.

updated live from the WikiTree free online family tree

WikiTree has gotten a lot of great press lately. Randy has been doing some great work, so be sure to see:

Happy family tree climbing!
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