Monday, May 09, 2011

RumbleSoft Introduces GenDetective

GenDetectiveTM: Tells you what you DON’T KNOW and what you need to FIND!

Plumsteadville, Pennsylvania (May 9, 2011) – RumbleSoft Incorporated, supplier of innovative solutions for genealogists will introduce GenDetectiveTM Wednesday May 11, 2011 at NGS in Charleston, South Carolina.

GenDetectiveTM is the first genealogy utility that can truly analyze your genealogy data today to help you discover your past.  GenDetectiveTM is a software tool that analyzes your genealogical data to produce research recommendations based on missing or incomplete data.  Up until now genealogy programs only told you what information you have. GenDetective's powerful reporting features will tell you what you DON'T KNOW, and what you need to FIND, using criteria you select for easy, organized research.
GenDetective™ has more than 170 reports that allow you to easily create targeted research itineraries that you can print or view on an iPad, iPhone, PDA, Droid smart phone or tablet (Xoom), Kindle™, eBook reader, net book (mini), or laptop.

Users agree that GenDetectiveTM is a huge help:

“Wow, and I thought I was detail oriented!  In a matter of minutes GenDetectiveTM located several military service possibilities that I missed.”  Jesse B

“Incredible!  Instead of lugging around books and binders I can now take a GenDetectiveTM report saved to my iPad to the court house to research only the people I am interested in.”  Joseph M 

“I travel quite a bit for business near where my family came from.  GenDetectiveTM allows me to print a research itinerary based on my family data for this specific region showing the information I still need to locate!” – Kevin M

RumbleSoft is the creator of the finest data analysis and reporting tools for individuals doing genealogical research. Our products are designed and created to be easy to use and offer insight to the user where additional research needs to be performed, and to present this insight in a portable manner to aid the user while they research.  For more information visit the RumbleSoft Incorporated website at