Sunday, May 08, 2011

What's a "Flash Webinar" ?

You may have heard of "flash mobs" as a sort of impromptu gathering in a specific place, facilitated by social networking technology like blogs, Twitter, Facebook (FB) and texting. Sometimes the events are totally silly, but the point is the spontaneity of the event.

Just this past week, the world of genealogy experienced a "Flash Webinar" (Ol' Myrt's name for it) where a family historian decided to host a webinar on the fly, without weeks of advanced advertising and planning -- merely to demonstrate how to add a death certificate received in that day's snail mail to his ancestor's file.

We can relate to Geoff's excitement on receiving the anticipated death certificate. But how often do we get to see how a researcher chooses to enter data in his genealogy management software program?

Now genealogists do take things slightly slower than some others, and so Geoff gave a three-hour lead time by posting the announcement in his blog. He also provided a link to the scanned image of William Henry Brown's death certificate from 1948 up in Neah Bay, Washington, so the webinar participants could follow along.

BRAVO for this outside the box thinking!

Watch Geoff live: how to add a death certificate in Legacy Family Tree Look here for the original announcement and the link to the death certificate.

P.S. Ol' Myrt is glad Geoff explained that while the length of the archived version of the webinar is 1 hour and 23 minutes, it wouldn't take the average user that long to enter one death certificate into an ancestor's profile.

Happy family tree climbing!
Myrt     :)
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