Friday, September 23, 2011

2 Problems with Trees noted today

Today won't keep me logged in. When I do a "magnifying glass" search of an ancestor on my tree, it returns a hit list without the green circle icons indicating the records I've already linked to the person. Also it does not give me the link to go back to that person on my tree, and my user name in the upper right of the Ancestry screen awaits my password and the click to log in. Tony Macklin, wonder if anyone else has this problem? When I log in at that point, I get a 404 error that the page is no longer available, and  I can go directly to my tree and go through the loop again. 

For one of my searches, I was looking at my younger Talburt Higgins and linking to his Missouri Marriage at 82 years of age. [Update: at the time of publishing this blog post, this problem is repeatable using Mr. Myrt's iPad 2, in case that is an issue.] Reference to Missouri Marriage Records, 1805-2002 for Tolbert Higgins and Mary F Brown, 8 July 1922 Jackson County Missouri.

To my Facebook posting above,'s Anne Gillespie Mitchell replied: "Pat, not quite sure what is going on with your account, but this does sound painful. I do not know of any issues we are having, so I am going to suggest that you call member services at 1-800-ANCESTRY and see if they can walk you through a solution. Let me know if if that can't help."

Rick Koelz said "I had a similar problem yesterday. "

YES! Repeatable on better than 50% of the ancestors I search and attempt to link documents. Also note it is a pain when searching using the magnifying glass, and drilling down to just the military hits that after linking one of the monthly returns (Army Infantry), I am taken back to the pedigree view, not to the military hit list. I've got ten to work through. You'd think a researcher would prefer to work through the last search' hit list before being returned to pedigree view. I do not think this iPad is the variable. I am using Safari, and did not go to my tree from the Ancestry app.[Update: at the time of publishing this blog post, this problem was not repeatable using my laptop/Safari.]

 Anne Gillespie Mitchell wrote on FB in reply: "Pat is this happening on the ipad or on your Mac? "

Ol' Myrt wrote: "iPad... don't have a Mac but could test it out on my daughter's Mac if that would help."

Ol' Myrt here documented the experience on Facebook since I was using my iPad, and doesn't work well with iPads.  Within two hours, I received private Facebook messages from two additional people who are experiencing the same problem.

TRYING IT ON THE DESKTOP COMPUTER keeps me logged in, but continues to fail to show me that some records are already linked to a specific ancestor. Oddly enough, this is with the U.S. Returns from Regular Army Infantry Regiments, 1821-1916, some of which I linked this morning.

NOTE: I was using my Windows 7 Professional Ultimate, I logged in to with Safari, went to my tree, clicked the magnifying glass (deep) search button as shown below:

The next screen is the initial hit list to compare with my tree:

A = Charles Switzer Weiser is the profile on my tree
B = the green circle with check mark icon indicating I've linked the item to my Ancestor. In this case that includes an Idaho Marriages, 1842-1996 25 July 1883, the 1920 United States Federal Census in Twin Falls, Idaho, and the 1900 United States Federal Census, location unspecified in this brief hit-list view.
C = that I may narrow my search by Category.

 I thought things were fine on my desktop until I clicked to narrow my search to MILITARY. There I get the military hit list, MINUS the indicator that shows which of the items on the hit list I've already linked to my ancestor Charles Switzer Weiser. NOTE: in the screen shot below there is no difference between linked and unlinked records on the hit list.

1 = I am logged in, and have remained logged in.
2 = the U.S. Army, Register of Enlistments, 1798-1914 for Chas S Weiser born about 1850 in Ohio, enlisting 26 January 1876 LINKED to my ancestor, but not so indicated on the hit list.
3 = The U.S. Returns from Regular Army Infantry Regiments, 1821-1916 not yet linked to my ancestor.

When Ol' Myrt clicks at #2 above, then explains I've already attached this record to Charles Switzer Weiser's profile in my tree, per screen shot below:

SUMMARY - 2 different problems.
#1 With my iPad this morning using Safari, I had trouble staying logged in at, a repeatable problem occurring 50% of the time.

#2 - With my Windows 7 laptop, using Firefox this afternoon, I had trouble with hit list items showing up as having been linked to an ancestor, causing me unnecessary duplication of effort.

Are any of my DearREADERS encountering similar problems? If so:
  • Describe your computer, iPad, cell phone.
  • What browser are you using?
  • Name the ancestor for whom you are doing the "magnifying glass, deep-search"?
  • Do you get logged out of when viewing the hit list?
  • Do you have trouble with not indicating what records you've previously linked to an ancestor when doing a new search, and working through the hit list?
THANKS to Anne Gillespie Mitchell's prompt responses. I cannot imagine wishes these two documented problems to persist. Tony, do we need to reboot some servers?
Happy family tree climbing!
Myrt     :)
Your friend in genealogy.