Saturday, December 10, 2011

Booksellers banned from RootsTech2012: No Way

Ol Myrt here is dumbfounded to read Book Venders Banned from the RootsTech Exhibit Hall  posted today by Leland Meitzler. FamilySearch has made a huge blunder here, painfully hitting these vendors quite literally in the wallet. I'd even characterize this as an unfair business practice.

Mr. Myrt and I felt it was so important that Martha Mercer of Mia's Books also vend at RootsTech 2012 that we offered her space in our downtown time-share condo to compensate for her coming all the way from her Ohio base of operations.

Leland, Martha and other book and magazine vendors have already beefed up their inventories in anticipation of high sales volume from what we all calculate to be the single largest conference in our field this year, if last year's RootsTech debut is any  indication. This capricious RootsTech decision to exclude booksellers leaves these vendors with high inventories and no place to vend.

For FamilySearch to have actively recruited Leland's RootsTech 2012 participation as recently as the September 2011 FGS Conference and now renege on the deal three months later is unthinkable.

There was room last year in the RootsTech vendor hall for a large Microsoft display with ping pong, foosball and pool tables. What does that have to do with genealogy and/or technology? Were the Microsoft video games more relevant to genealogists than offerings by book, magazine and genealogy tee-shirt vendors? I think not.

If I am wrong then perhaps we are to scan and immediately destroy our first edition Book of Mormon, along with the three family bibles from the late 18th and early 19th centuries. I think not.

Last year we excused away a lot of logistical problems, but into year two, RootsTech should definitely have it's act together.

I can only anticipate an immediate apology from FamilySearch, and a move forward to include any genealogy, history or preservation vendor.

FamilySearch - the ball is in your court. Let's play nice.

PS - I am currently listed as an "Official RootsTech 2012 Blogger" but this blog post may place that status in jeopardy. Even so, I remain in support of all genealogy product vendors.

Myrt     :)
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