Thursday, February 16, 2012 What's wrong with this picture - Example 1

Ol' Myrt here can imagine that it is difficult to make a field label that works generically with all databases, but this one comparing my online family tree (right) with information from the Historical and Biographical Record of Los Angeles and Vicinity (left) takes the cake.

I know Californians are progressive, but...
  • How marvelous to have a "residence" after one's death, unless of course, you count the cemetery. 
  • I also defy anyone to live from 1600 to 1901.
  • My step-mother's side of the family has strength of character, but I never dreamed her ancestress Cassandra Coan could live so long.
  • By the way, was Los Angeles, or California, or for that matter, the United States in existence in 1600?

Actually, DearREADERS, this page from a typical local history book features the ancestors of Augusta C. Hazzard, son of Cassandra (Coan) and William Hazzard. Yes, I'd like to link this to all three individuals. However, don't you think the fiend labels are just a little bit misleading.

Usually if I were to save such an item "to my tree" the residence date would be erroneously added to the timeline for Cassandra who died in 1871 and never set foot in California to my knowledge. Thank-fully, this has be prevented in the case, so the coders really worked some magic there.

Just a few more tweaks, and they'll have this one right.

Happy family tree climbing!
Myrt     :)
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