Tuesday, February 07, 2012

SLIG finally won over my daughter to genealogy

Last month my daughter Carrie gave me the best birthday present ever ~ she decided to become a 'real' genealogist. She has worked the past three years with the Salt Lake Institute of Genealogy as admin assistant for the sponsoring organization, the Utah Genealogical Association. When Carrie called to give me the news, she said initially her interest in SLIG was just part of the job. 

What Carrie learned is that genealogists worth their salt attend genealogy institutes like SLIG to hone their skills by participating in week-long, total immersion, intensive study under the tutelage of a course coordinator who may also elect to feature classes with other experts in a specific field of study.

As I observed Carrie at the UGA/SLIG booth in the RootsTech 2012 exhibit hall this past week, I saw a young woman, well-motivated to share the import of education to casual yet inquiring visitors of the conference. Carrie really gets that genealogy conferences "whet the appetite" and that it is incumbent upon each genealogist to "study up" in more detail the history, culture, surviving record groups, maps, social mores and migration patterns associated with each family group as our ancestral quests take us farther away from our 21st century experience.

This year, in support of the newly devised SLIG "practicum", Carrie was exposed to a variety of documents which she emailed to participants as they progressed through their research challenges. Though Carrie has done several lookups for over the years, this interaction with professional genealogists was inspiring.

Thanksgiving 2008 pic with my daughters at my house.
L to R: Stacey, Carrie, Ol' Myrt and Tam.

UPDATE: While composing this post, my daughter Stacey is doing genealogy by sending the recording of my grandson Tannon's report on our US immigrant ancestor William Warner Player. This motivated first-grader dressed up like William by wearing a dark colored suit and a long white beard made of cotton balls. 

Tannon as William Warner Player, his 5th great-grandfather.

I should mention that my daughter Tam is working on the descendant side of the family, with our newest grandchild Hannah who is just learning how to sit up! Can't tell I'm proud, eh? But I digress.

Hannah, using an iPhone at age 5 months.

Isn't it fun?


FUTURE SLIG lineup - http://infouga.org/cpage.php?pt=43

Happy family tree climbing!
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