Saturday, March 03, 2012

What I liked about Reba's WDYTYA episode

If you missed last night's NBC broadcast of Who Do You Think You Are, take heart, the full episode and deleted scenes are available online today. This episode seemed to more closely follow a typical researcher's journey through archives, churches, library and websites to find ancestral clues.

Did you notice that was one of the sites Reba searched, though the camera kept that logo just out of view?
Midge Frazel expressed concern via Facebook that original records Reba was handling should have been scanned. Ol' Myrt here is sure those fragile tax records and such are filmed, but I think they used originals for effect. Mr. Myrt particularly liked how the entries for her ancestors were highlighted! :::giggle:::
PUTTING ANCESTORS IN PERSPECTIVE During this episode, we observe Reba reasoning out what she was looking for, hitting dead ends, seeking the advice of genealogy and history experts. Most importantly Reba learned to put the father of her immigrant ancestor into historical perspective and discovered she had misjudged him. 
Our very own Josh Taylor was awesome in his segment!

Happy family tree climbing!
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