Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Getting into tonight's DearMYRTLE Uncut HOA

HOA? It will be a Google+ Hangout on Air (HOA). The idea is to practice attending a HOA every Wednesday night in February, in prep for Ol' Myrt's 1 March 2013 move from the GoToWebinar platform to the Google+  (G+) Hangout On Air platform for my online genealogy seminar sessions. (OK, that's a pretty good run-on sentence, perhaps my best thus far for the year.)

DearMYRTLE Uncut - on the Google+ Hangouts On Air platform
Wednesday 13 February 2013
9pm Eastern US - The live video broadcast starts!

Here's the timeline for attending as either a JOINer or a VIEWer.

  • 8:45pm Myrt creates the HOA, inviting a few essential panelists to JOIN and get their mics working.
  • 8:55pm Myrt posts the URL for the HOA in the G+ DearMYRTLE's Genealogy Community. Others may then JOIN by clicking that URL until the maximum of ten panelists is reached. Any additional potential JOINers will receive the message that the Hangout is full. Don't despair! Literally thousands may VIEW the event starting at 9pm on DearMYRTLE's YouTube Channel.

  • VIEWers should open a new tab on their web browser and go to DearMYRTLE's YouTube page: there, click the "FEED" option and wait the several more minutes until the live HOA video broadcast starts.
  • 9pm Ol' Myrt will press the "RECORD" button, which also pushes our the live "feed" to my YouTube channel.
  • DearMYRTLE's YouTube VIEWers may post questions and comments for the panelists to read using that other browser tab or window for the G+ DearMYRTLE Genealogy Community. Russ and I will be sure to follow comments there, and work them into the HOA whenever possible.

While we aim to keep the DearMYRTLE Uncut HOA discussion open, similar to Mondays With Myrt, we've already got your feedback about the 2013 Docu-Challenge #1: English Parish Register Marriage Entry on the docket. What would you like to talk about?

Happy family tree climbing!
Myrt     :)
Your friend in genealogy.

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