Thursday, September 19, 2013

Not isolationism: There are other ways to share my genealogy

Earlier this week I posted on G+ and my FB page in response to James Tanner's Any New on FamilySearch Certification of Third-Party Products. "Extremely sad that +FamilySearch permits this continued dysfunction. THIS is why I waste no time with FamilySearch Family Tree and WHY Ol' Myrt here insists on maintaining my own genealogy database. There is NO WAY the concept "one big family tree" can work. It was a beautiful ideal, but owing to human frailties in research and in use of technology, FS Family Tree just w.i.l.l.n.o.t.w.o.r.k!!!"

Yesterday James wrote Genealogical Ownership and Isolationism where he states "In a recent pate of online discussion about's Family Tree, I was mildly amused to see so many comments from genealogists who were not going to use Family Tree because they didn't want some one to mess with "their data." It might be a revelation to some of these folks, but the fact is that you don't own your genealogical data." He then goes on to discuss copyright as some genealogists erroneously see it.

My beef isn't that I believe my genealogy is mine alone. (It isn't.)

It's that the concept of one great big, pie in the sky, family tree database just doesn't work.

+James Tanner, I am not sure you were speaking directly to Ol' Myrt here, but...

Remember you are talking to the queen of genealogy social networking here. I cut my genea-teeth on a 300 baud modem, using dial-up in the FIDOnet days. That's how important I think it is for genealogists to collaborate. I believe it is essential to share my research with others who may spot my mistakes. That's why I maintain my genealogy blog and have several Ancestry Member Trees, etc.  

Peer review is an essential component for Ol' Myrt here to keep climbing the right branches in the family tree of man.

Happy family tree climbing!
Myrt     :)
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