Friday, October 31, 2014

DocuChallenge: Phillips, William D

Accept the challenge to transcribe and analyze this historical document from Ol' Myrt's personal family history. The only additional clue I'll give you is that I found this on

IMAGE: If I cited this, I would be giving away too much information for this exercise.
With any document, I recommend following Birdie Holsclaw's practice to transcribe the document word-for-word, including typed, stamped and handwritten text.

Let's answer these questions:
  • What is this document?
  • How would you describe the physical appearance of this document?
  • What does this document say about Ol' Myrt's ancestor?
  • What other people are mentioned in this document?
  • What information items do you find most reliable in this document? 
  • What information items do you find less reliable in this document?
  • What value is this document without a citation indicating provenance?
  • Can you craft a citation for this document?
  • What would you do with this digital document?
  • What other record groups should Ol' Myrt consider after analyzing this document?
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Happy family tree climbing!
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