Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Best Things: Smart phone tripod adapter and Eye-Fi SD Card

Louis Kessler's strategy for copying old documents and photos? "I've long ago stopped using a digital camera in favor of my Windows smart phone, that can take 8.7 MP photos, has apps to correct and edit the photo and even OCR the contents, and is connected to my OneDrive cloud. Also, it fits better in my pocket." See: Comments to Best Thing: Which digital cameras works best.

 You know, Louis, I was thinking of that for on-the-go situations, and there is an adapter that can be purchased attach a smart phone to a tripod or copy stand. I use one like this for my DearMYRTLE AmbushCAM interviews.
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But for all practical purposes, with the home or office set-up described in Best Thing: Photo Copy Stand, for easier scanning it makes sense to have a camera with a tiltable screen. My camera has an Eye-Fi Mobi SD card so I can send my files wirelessly to my computer's Dropbox folder, where images are automatically synced to the Dropbox cloud storage space.

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Best Thing: Wind up extension cord
Best Thing: Photo Copy Stand, for easier scanning
Best Thing: Which digital cameras works best

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