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Tuesday, February 03, 2015

Timestamp: Mondays with Myrt - 2 Feb 2015

Thank-you to +Cousin Russ for working through our 90-minute Mondays with Myrt to develop this #timestamp version of Mondays with Myrt - 02 February 2015. Remember, you may click a timestamp and go directly to that portion of the Hangout on Air. We have included hyperlinks discussed during the show.

00:00 » +DearMYRTLE welcomes everyone
00:29 » Comments from the community
01:14 » Comment from Laura about RootsTech2015 and the Federation of Genealogical Societies conference
03:00 » Randy has a link to the RootsTech 2015Syllabus

Syllabus link at

04:38 » Thomas is offering a two day deal on his Wolfram Alpha book - Guide to Wolfram / Alpha for Genealogy and Family History Research

10:45 » Comments from the Community
14:08 » Boot Camp feedback and EXCEL
14:50 » Blogs and Cousin Bait

17:50 From Ginger Smith's Blog: +Tony Proctor +Sue Adams The blog post I wrote about Provenance and keeping Original Order

21:00 » Question about the Oregon Tail for the community (see comments below the video)
25:13 » Comments from the community
26:23 » Thomas comments about the Newspaper Boot Camp looking for migration
29:54 » Comments from the community
33:08 » Comments from Fr Ivan and family documents
35:18 » What did they eat from the AMERICAN HISTORY MUSEUM

37:48 » Comments from the community
38:45 What is a Gill from Dave
39:57 +Carol Petranek: NIGHT AT THE ARCHIVES

43:43 Comments from the community
43:57 Why hire a professional genealogist

50:55 Comments from the community
56:42 My Heritage Blog

1:04:30 The Legal Genealogist blog post
Most Bang for the DNA Buck

1:07:10 Newspapers

Jacqi Stevens recent blog post about newspaper research is great

1:15:45 Comments from the community

other newspaper links in the comments below the video

Kenneth Marks has a great blog with lots of links to digital newspapers -

1:21:30 New York State Research (new book)

NEW YORK State Probate Records 2nd edition book by Gordon L. Remington.

1:23:15 Schedule for this week and next for our Hangouts On Air

Practical, down-to-earth advice for family historians.

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