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Watching TJ as he learns to paint a wall mural.
Each  year thousands of people discover the joys of tracing their family history.  It is one of the MOST popular hobbies (albeit obsessions) in the work.  Your e-mails and blog comments reflect the challenges you are facing. Sometimes your questions are very specific, and often overwhelming to beginning researchers who might read one of my columns.

To make things easier for real beginners, Ol' Myrt here is creating this special area which will hold each article in succession.  So check back each week or so for the next lesson.

May I suggest that you print out a copy of each article and keep them all in a folder or notebook for easy reference. Make notes in the margin as you study. All you have to do to PRINT is click the "PRINT FRIENDLY" button on the bottom of each blog post here at DearMYRTLE. This will strip out the side navigation bar and advertising so you can save printer paper. Voila!  You have a printed copy of the lesson!

I look forward to hearing about your progress -- the joys and triumphs as well as the challenges.  Indeed, family history can be fun!

You can DO this!

Beginning Genealogy Lessons

Some Technology Won't Hurt
Beverly and Glen S. Player, circa 1920.
Salt Lake City, Utah.

For the Fun of It

Critical Thinking