Here's where you'll find the growing list of the 2011 monthly DearMYRTLE Organization Checklists.

Who cares if the yard becomes overgrown, the laundry must be sent out, and we spend a little more time eating simple meals like soup and crackers? WE ARE GOING TO GET ORGANIZED!!!

2011 January Organization Checklist

  • Set up your Dropbox account so your data is backed up automatically when Dropbox synchronizes folders.
  • Create folders on your hard drive to place scanned images of documents.
  • Participate in the first of monthly "Scanfests" hosted by Miriam Robbins Midkiff. (That will make 3 hours of active scanning of photos and related documents!)
2011 February Organization Checklist 

2011 March Organization Checklist
  • No man is an island -- neither are genealogists. Please take my advice about joining with other genealogists - through local genealogy societies, GeneaWebinars (some 20 live webinars scheduled this month), GeneaBloggers BlogTalk Radio (live on Friday nights, and archived versions available 24/7) and the Second Life virtual meetings including a monthly APG Chapter meeting.
2011 April Organization Checklist
2011 May Organization Checklist
  • Be sure to send me a quick note via Facebook or as a comment to this blog post, to report on your progress at FINALLY GETTING ORGANIZED this year!

    Happy family tree climbing!
    Myrt     :)
    Your friend in genealogy.