Saturday, December 14, 2002

Being a brave sort of petite jeunne fille, we find that our 14th Great-grandmother Elise is simply no shrinking violet. Curiosity gets the best of her. Though fear tingles up and down her spine, Elise (pronounced Eleesze) draws close to the wall, and peers gingerly down the hallway into the shadows. As her eyes adjust to the darkness, she is able to make out the outline if a padded bench with a woven tapestry on the wall behind it about fifteen feet into the corridor. Beyond that, everything is enshrouded in

Faintly, in the distance, one can make out an occasional scratching sort of sound -- Aha, so she isn't imaging things! Every so quietly, Elise tiptoes into the hallway, and crouches down beside the bench. Peering deeper into the hallway, she picks up on a light in the distance.

Despite the risk, 14th Great-grandmother Elise decides to investigate. Hugging the cold, clammy wall on her right, she follows it until all takes a turn to the right. Peering around the corner cautiously, she sees that the flickering light emanates from a torch on the far wall. Thinking no one is watching, Elise steps around the corner, only to be come hopelessly entangled and brought to the carpet by something tackling the skirt of her bedcoat.

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