Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Check out the Lincoln Museum dedicated today

You'll want to check out the Lincoln Museum dedicated today in Springfield, Illinois. The website is http://www.thelincolnmuseum.org/

From the Lincoln family album we read "Mary Todd was ambitious, politically sophisticated, and well educated. After she married Abraham Lincoln in 1842, the couple had four boys (one of whom died in 1850 at the age of three). Their marriage was tempestuous, due to her temper and his carelessness in domestic matters, but generally successful.

For the first year after the Lincoln family moved to Washington in 1861, Mary reveled in her role as First Lady, although she outran her financial resources managing the White House. Tragedy struck in February 1862, when her favorite son Willie died at the age of eleven."

There is much to be experienced by visiting the website. I believe the museum folks did an excellent job of attempting to translate the museum experience into an informational website.

Happy family tree climbing!

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