Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Definition of OBSCURE

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DEFINITION: (adjective) little known; hard to understand
EXAMPLE: Mendel was an obscure monk until decades after his death, when his scientific work was finally discovered. Most people find the writings of James Joyce obscure; hence the popularity of books that explain his books.
SYNONYMS: hazy, mysterious, unclear

We need to let the folks at know about the additional definitions, which are familiar to all family historians.

OBSCURE as in "obscure ancestor"
-- little known ancestor
-- hard to find ancestor
-- one who stowed away on a trans-Atlantic ship, hence no customs passenger lists
-- one who left town, with no forwarding address
-- one who chose not to leave a will naming heirs
-- one who didn't own property to be inherited by family members
-- one who didn't serve in the military, hence no thick pension file
-- one who successfully eluded the census enumerator and the tax collector
-- one who didn't vote
-- one who didn't leave a diary
-- one who left a stack of letters with totally illegible handwriting
-- one whose only surviving photo isn't labeled
-- one whose 6th generation family bible was carried away in a flood
-- one whose living descendants aren't using RootsWeb message boards and mailing lists to share info

-- one darned frustrating ancestor that we've each got at least one of on the family tree.

Got any more definitions to add to the list?

Happy family tree climbing!
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