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FHL Research Outlines

Did you know that:

-- "Most Latin American governments began civil registration after 1870, although some began much earlier. After this date, almost all individuals, Catholic or non-Catholic, were recorded. This is particularly helpful because non-Catholic religions began to flourish in many areas of Latin America at about this time." (1)

-- Netherlands Christening records "may go back to the 1500s, when they began during the Reformation. Because of wars, natural disasters, and accidents, many churches were destroyed, along with all or part of their records." (2)

-- Eric J. Holmgren's "Over 2000 Place Names of Alberta" [Saskatoon, Saskatchewan: Western Producer Prairie Books, 1976] is " alphabetical list of places in Alberta with a description and history of the location, municipality, town, or village. It also contains a map showing the districts and towns." (3)

-- "The first land grants to English settlers, in what is now the District of Columbia (then Charles County, Maryland), were made in 1663. Scottish immigrants founded Georgetown in 1751. Only a few people lived in the area when the federal government offices were moved there from Philadelphia in 1800. The city grew slowly until the 1860s, when the population more than doubled during and after the Civil War." (4)

-- "The Church in Wales (Church of England) Records - The parish is the most basic unit of church administration, although the parish was often divided into townships or tithings. Large parishes had small chapels of ease, or chapelries, for those who lived too far away to attend the parish church. Gazetteers can help you locate parishes and townships." (5)

-- "Daughters of the Black Eagle Chapter, Daughters of the American Revolution (Great Falls, Montana) compiled and typed the 'Abstracts of wills, Cascade County, Montana, 1884-1927.' [The book is found at the FHL (Family History Library) by call number: 978.661 S28a, 3 vols.. It is also available on microfilm #870042 items 2–3.] (6)

WHERE did ol' Myrt discover these interesting tidbits of genealogical research minutae? Online at
In my opinion these RESEARCH OUTLINES are the most underutilized yet most valuable source of "how to" research help on the web. Access them by:
1. Point your web browser to: <>
2. Click the "Search" tab
3. Click "Research Helps" on the blue navigation bar.
4. Click the letter of the alphabet for your ancestor's locality:
FOR EXAMPLE: clicking "S" yields a 3-page print out including a variety of links for assistance in doing genealogy in:
-- Sachsen, Germany
-- Sachsen, Preußen, Germany
-- Saskatchewan, Canada
-- Schleswig-Holstein, Preußen, Germany
-- Scotland
-- Slovakia
-- South Carolina
-- South Dakota
-- Spain
-- Suriname
-- Sweden
-- Switzerland
If you view these online, and a particular microfilm or book is mentioned, it is clickable to the FHLC (Family History Library Catalog) so you can print out the page and take it to your local FHC to "order in" the item.

(1) Latin American Research Outline, Family History Library

(2) Netherlands Church Record Christenings, Family History Library

(3) Alberta, Canada, Boundary Changes and Maps, Family History Library

(4) District of Columbia Research Outline, Family History Library

(5) Wales Research Outline, Family History Library

(6) Montana Statewide Indexes and Collections, Family History Library

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