Monday, April 18, 2005

How to subscribe to blogs - Using MyYahoo

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Blogs are perhaps the best new way to read the genealogy columns you love. NO
MORE bounced emails automatically unsubscribing you from the list. CUT DOWN no
the pile of email in your inbox. Don't worry, it's easy if you follow my simple
1-2-3 directions:

1. Set up your "MyYahoo" account for free.

  • Go to and click on the "MyYahoo" icon as shown below:

  • Follow the screen prompts to set up your account.
  • From now on, go to to narrow it down to one step.

  • Your "MyYahoo" page will have a generic layout which can be modified for color, layout and content.

2. Add DearMYRTLE's Feed

  • Add content as desired, including stocks, calendars, top news items, weather and of course, DearMYRTLE's column. To do this click the "Add Content" button as shown below:

Click the "Add RSS Feed by URL" link shown below, circled in red:

  • Click the "Finished" button to invoke
    the changes, and view your "MyYahoo" page.

3. View
the feeds in MyYahoo

  • Whether
    viewing the web from your home computer at the public library, simply go
    to and log in if

  • Other
    genealogy columnists are sending out blogs (RSS feeds) you can add these to
    your MyYahoo page as well. Here are the RSS Feed URLS to paste into the
    "MyYahoo" page described above:

Happy family tree climbing!

Myrt :)


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