Monday, April 18, 2005

How to Subscribe to Blogs - Using SharpReader



Blogs are perhaps the best new way to read the genealogy columns you love. NO
MORE bounced emails automatically unsubscribing you from the list. CUT DOWN no
the pile of email in your inbox. Don't worry, it's easy if you follow my simple
1-2-3 directions:

Download SharpReader
& Install SharpReader

  • Go to
    and click "installer" to download the free program.

  • Close the SharpReader program (we will get back
    to it later!)

Add DearMYRTLE's Feed

  • Use your regular web-browser to go to

  • Right-click on the XML logo on the bottom of any
    page, as shown below:

  • On the pop-up menu, select "Copy Link
    Location" as shown below:

  • Close your web browser.

  • Open the SharpReader program.

  • Click "File" on the SharpReader menu
    bar and select "Open RSS Feed." You will get a pop-up window.

  • Right-click in the text box and select
    "Paste" to insert the text as show in red below.

  • NOTE: Your text won't be red. I only used red to
    bring it to your attention in this picture. The XML feed for my columns is:

  • Click to insert a check mark in the
    "Subscribe to feed" box.

  • Click the OK button.

  • If you are online, after clicking OK, it will be
    a few moments before the list of columns starts to show up in SpeedReader.

View the feeds in SharpReader

  • NOTE: From the screen shot below, you can see
    that I subscribe to 4 genealogy feeds (or blogs.)

  • There are three parts to the SharpReader screen:

  1. Feeds

  2. Listings (of individual columns by title, date
    & author.

  3. Actual column

Because I double-clicked on the listing READERS'
FEEDBACK 12 April 2005, I can see the entire column in the actual column area
of SharpReader. Before this, in the place of my gorgeous picture, you'd find
only the first 3-4 lines of text from the column, which (hopefully) will spark
you interest.

You may
use this same method to subscribe to other feeds.
How do you know there is a feed that can be picked up by your
SharpReader. Whenever you are visiting a website, and you see the
"XML" logo, just right click, as described in step 2 above to
"copy the link location" then paste that link in SharpReader as
described above.

One more thing.
If you turn SharpReader on (and you are on the internet) within
minutes of my posting a new column SharpReader will pick up the feed, and give
you a short 3-4 second popup notice in the lower right hand portion of your
screen, as illustrated below:

You may elect to read the feed by clicking on the
link in the notification box, or wait until you want to review the entire
listing of columns as described earlier in this column.

NOTE: There are other "feed readers"
for different operating systems. See:

Compatibale "FeedReaders"

Macintosh Compatible "Feed

Linux Compatible "Feed

Other unusual computer operating system
"Feed Readers"

Happy family tree climbing!

Myrt :)


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