Wednesday, April 06, 2005

RSS & Atom - New way to receive genealogy info

YES, this is new and emerging technology. Ancestry isn't doing it. Neither is RootsWeb -- they are sticking to the older email technology, and hoping for the best.

Cyndi's List doesn't mention it.


RSS stands for "really simple syndication" and ATOM is it's baby cousin.


  1. A website such as DearMYRTLE sends out a column as a feed
    ___(NOT through email!)

  2. You use a "feed reader" to pull each feed into a list.
    ___(NOT through email!)
  3. If the title interests you, double click to access the full column.
    ___(NOT through email!)

Did you notice the common denominator is: (NOT through email!)

Now THAT'S a concept!
There will be no more worries lost email, changing email addresses when you change internet service providers or anything! WOW!

For step-by step directions on my recommended choices for "feed readers" see:

Happy family tree climbing!
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