Monday, May 23, 2005

11 by 17 photocopy protection

I've been try to locate 3-ring binders and dividers to use with wills, pensions, etc. that are printed on 11 by 17 sheets of paper. So far no luck. Do you know of any company that has them? I asked at Staples & Office Max and they don't have them. Staples checked their catalog and didn't find any that long. A friend used card stock but once you put them in it's harder to remove if needed.


By "printed on 11 by 17 sheets of paper" I am assuming you are talking about photocopies of original documents. Then it's just a matter of folding them once, turning them sideways and placing them in a regular 8.5x11 inch sheet protector.

If you possess oversize original documents, you'll need to encapsulate (NOT laminate) them. See your local county or state archivist. See also:


One can obtain LEGAL-sized binders and sheet protectors, as I have seen them on the shelf at Office Depot. These are great for those copies of US Civil War pension files from the National Archives.

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