Thursday, May 26, 2005

ACROSS MY DESK: PAF Companion Charts now in Color

This just in from Stephanie at Progeny Software. Please direct all inquiries to her at: I have always loved PAF Companion, this color option sounds wonderful. I hope they send my copy soon.
Happy family tree climbing!
Myrt :)
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From: Progeny Software
PAF Companion Now in Color
Dear Genealogist,
The popular genealogy charting product, PAF Companion, now prints and publishes family tree charts in color! PAF Companion version 5.2 now offers three color styles for the following family tree charts:

- ancestor chart
- descendant chart
- bow tie chart
- hourglass chart
- and fan charts

You can choose to color by gender, generation or lineage.

PAF Companion provides professionally-selected default colors or you can choose your own. As an added bonus, a gradient option can be applied to any color chart. The traditional black and white charts are also still available.

See PAF Companion's sample charts and reports at:

Colors can also be applied to PAF Companion's chart views to help you easily navigate back and forth along your family trees.

Also, PAF Companion version 5.2 has customizable line widths which is a very useful feature when printing larger charts.

With PAF Companion, you can print on any sized paper, even tile pages to create a wall chart! Using the publish to PDF feature, you can share your charts electronically by email or publish them to the web.

PAF Companion reads PAF files directly so PAF users don't have to import GEDCOMs or re-enter data. It's very easy to use, simply select a person in your PAF file, choose a chart type, and presto! The chart is created. No importing data or tedious formatting required.

PAF Companion is sold, on CD-ROM only, by itself for $14.95 or as part of the Family Tree Starter Kit for $19.99.

The Family Tree Starter Kit also comes with three other powerful genealogy software products, including PAF, World Place Finder and the Social Security Death Index. Read more about the Starter Kit here:

To get your PAF Companion, order online at:

Or call Toll Free 1-800-565-0018 (Business Hours Mon-Fri).

With over 150,000 copies sold worldwide, PAF Companion is a very popular family tree charting product used by novice and experienced genealogists alike.
Happy color charting,
Stephanie Preston

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