Sunday, May 01, 2005

May Day circa 1950s
While visiting today with a friend who has a broken arm, we recalled the "olden days." In that distant time, "MAY DAY" wasn't a distress call, or just another shopping day for mall goers. Can you remember back that far? What were the traditions in your neighborhood -- dancing around a "May Pole?"

Do you remember:
-- making a little cone-shaped flower holder out of construction paper
-- adding a 12 inch strip of paper handle for hanging it up
-- gathering some little flowers from your mom's garden (with permission)
-- tiptoeing to your favorite neighborhood elderly widow's doorstep
-- placing the "May basket" on her door knob
-- knocking on the door
-- and quickly running away

Somehow, you and your friends managed to hide in the bushes and watch as she opened the door, to smile as she discovered your lovely surprise. Gifts given with no thought of recognition or reward are the most heart-felt, wouldn't you say?

All of this was done, my dear grandchildren, under the heading of "good deeds to others" which were done on "MAY DAY" -- the 1st of May every year during my childhood.

Happy family tree climbing!
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