Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Meaning of gravestone graphics

Print out the full version of McNeel's Symbolism Glossary BEFORE you leave for your next cemetery trip. This will help you understand the meaning behind the choice of graphics on an ancestor's tombstone.

The Memorialist: McNeel’s Symbolism Glossary
Edited by Burton Fletcher 2005-05-24
"The following glossary of terms will be helpful to anyone planning the construction of a memorial, as well as for memorialists, genealogists, and historians who may desire to interpret symbols used in cemeteries. The original source is a famous resource to monument builders, McNeel, The Greatest Name in Stonecraft."

-- Abacus: The square upper plate upon the capital of a column, supporting the architecture.
-- Abutment: The solid part of a pier or wall that supports an inch and receives its thrust or lateral pressure.
-- Acanthus: Heavenly Gardens.
-- Acorn: Latent greatness or strength.
-- Aere Perennius: More enduring than bronze.
-- Alpha and Omega: First and last letters of the Greek alphabet symbolizing the beginning and the end, respectively.
-- Altar: The Eucharist; Worship; Presence of God.
-- Anchor: Hope; Our Lord, the Anchor of the Soul.

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