Friday, May 27, 2005

RE: 11 x 17 sheet protectors NOT archival

From: Lynn & Marian Johnson

I just read your information about Avery's 11 x 17 sheet protectors #75256. Please remind your readers that although these sheet protectors might be good to use in presentations or other temporary uses, they are VINYL and therefore not archive safe for long term storage. Perhaps some of us genealogists should contact AVERY and ask they to make sheet protectors that would be archive safe for this size document. I only use the vinyl sheet protectors for teaching to pass around visual aids, and remove the items between presentations.

Thanks for making this very important point. If we are saving original documents, we certainly want the sheet protectors to be archival safe. Even in a stack of other items, the vinyl can "give off" a chemical that can quicken the aging process. This is especially noticeable with newsprint paper.

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