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From: Rhonda Houston
A wonderful little book that would assist locating any family within any of the above Loyalist Units would be found in the book just 168 pages thick/thin called "Genealogist Handbook for Atlantic Canada Research" by Terrence M. Punch, C. G. (C), with George F. Sanborn JR., F.A.S.G. Provided are all these listed below for every province of Canada:

Historical overview
Major repositories
Vital records
Census records
Land records
Probate records
Church registers
Cemetery recorders
Immigration records

With the ISBN# 0-88082-067-5. If someone can't live with out it after working with it from the library for a short time, [it's] $10 in the nearest bookstore.

Indeed! "Genealogist Handbook for Atlantic Canada Research" by New England Historic Genealogical Society (Corporate Author), Terrence M. Punch (Editor) is listed at Amazon.com but at $25, with used ones going for about the same price. I looked for it at the publisher's site, and it didn't "come up." Hmmm.

Another great book for Canadian Research is the old reliable (though revised in 1991)
-- "In Search of Your Roots: A Guide for Canadians Seeking Their Ancestors," Rev and Updated Ed by Angus Baxter. Publisher: Gage Distribution Co; Rvup edition (June 1, 1991) # ISBN: 0771591349. You'll want to order it from http://www.Genealogical.com and NOT Amazon to avoid the Amazon delay and surcharge for non-stock item.

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