Friday, May 20, 2005

Viewing photos embedded in AOL Email

I recently purchased a new computer and went from Win98 to WinXP. Now I have discovered I am not getting attachments. I tried to contact AOL online for service; was told I needed to go to Java, something new to me.

I went to and there we so many choices to download I was completely confused and did nothing. Now my daughter say she has problems with Java and I read Microsoft has given it up. I can not imagine getting a new machine and NOT being able to download attachments. What would you suggest for me?

You are really describing two problems:
1. Newer versions of AOL include a default of "do not show pictures or provide clickable links" in email. This is generally good, since most of the email you receive will likely be spam, and the photos or links are undesirable. When you are reading a legit email from your daughter, you then TURN ON the pictures and links by clicking the little shield graphic or accompanying letters in the upper right portion of the email window that read:

2. JAVA is a Sun Microsystems, Inc. product that your computer will need when viewing some web pages that contain java scripts. Microsoft did lose a major anti-trust lawsuit, which Sun Microsystems was party to. YES, it is a little confusing which one to download, since the website is very techy looking. Don't worry. When you go to most websites that require JAVA, the webpage itself will tell you it needs JAVA or ACTIVE-X, and will provide a clickable link to download the correct file for your system.

Personally, I just minimize AOL, and use MOZILLA or FOXFIRE to look at web pages. You'll find it at:

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