Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Wholesale Pedigree Charts

From: Tracy
Please help me locate wholesale pedigree charts. I can't find any on the internet.

I can't think of any wholesale suppliers of blank pedigree charts. I know Everton has them at retail. "Stevensons" (Stevenson's Genealogy Center) sells these for about 95 cents each on their website and at Deseret Books retail stores. Nowadays, all the genealogy programs will print wall sized charts. Folks either tape the printouts together and take to a blue-printing shop for reproduction, or pay for a chart printing service like that provided by The chart printing services use data directly from any of the numerous genealogy management software programs.

Stevenson's Genealogy Center has a website: Contact information includes:230 West 1230 NorthProvo, UT 84604Toll Free: (800)374-7296Phone: 801-374-9600Fax: 801-374-9622

I personally use the 15 generation charts which I purchased about 23 years ago. Theoretically a person would need about 5 of these, to flesh out the "back side" generations on the chart. I am only up to 3 so far.

Other RETAIL sources for reasonably priced pedigree charts include:
-- DESERET BOOKS 15 generation (2 sided folded) 95 cents

-- DESERET BOOKS 12 generation (2 sided folded) 95 cents




-- GLOBAL GENEALOGY (I haven't dealt with this organization. Does anyone have any feedback to give on their service?)

Happy family tree climbing!
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