Monday, June 06, 2005

Former Photographic Studios

DearMYRTLE,I have a photograph and the name at the bottom says "Edward Fox Studio, 2003 Milwaukee Ave., Chicago, IL. We think this photo is of my great-grandmother's sister Sofia and husband, from Sweden. My question is this, when a photographer goes out of business, does he send his negatives to another studio? Is there any way to trace this to identify the couple in the photo? Thanks.

This is a good question, and we need help from other readers on this. My gut reaction is to believe that when a photographer goes out of business he is either:
-- deceased
-- out of money
-- overcome by ill health

None of the scenarios would lend itself to "sending negatives to another studio."

My understanding from a copyright point of view, is that the heirs retain the right.

As far as getting help with identifying old photographs:
-- Cyndi's List has a section on old photos including these sub-topics:
Dating Photographs
Identifying Photographers
Image Search Engines
Lost & Found
Mailing Lists, Newsgroups & Chat
Photo Archives, Collections and Libraries
Photo Restoration & Care
Photos - Miscellaneous
Preservation & Conservation
Publications, Software & Supplies

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