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Hamburg Passenger List

From: Samson Der Herliche
Would you have or would you know know someone who would have access to this Hamburg Passenger List? Or to be more specific, I am looking for someone between the years of 1850 and 1877 who could have been on this list.

That's a pretty broad expanse of years to be looking for someone on any passenger list. You may need to do more "place of origin" research, unless you can find your ancestor in an index.
This collection on micofilm is huge. You will therefore be most interested in reading a helpful Research Outline by the folks at the Family History Library in Salt Lake City titled (of all things, HAMBURG PASSENGER LISTS. To find it:

1. Go to:
2. Click the "Search" tab.
3. Click "Research Helps"
4. Click "H" and scroll down
5. Click on "Hamburg Passenger Lists."

"The Hamburg passenger lists contain the names of millions of Europeans who emigrated through Hamburg between 1850 and 1934 (except 1915–1919). Nearly one-third of the people who emigrated from central and eastern Europe during this time are included on these lists. If you have ancestors who emigrated from these areas, the Hamburg passenger lists could provide important genealogical information about them, including their hometowns. Extensive indexes make these records easier to use than most other passenger lists and emigration records.

The records of Europeans who emigrated through other ports, such as Bremen, LeHavre, Amsterdam, Rotterdam, and Antwerp, have either been destroyed or are not available for research at the Family History Library." IBID.

Of particular interest is the distinction between:
-- DIRECT LIST (direct from Hamburg to the destination)

-- INDIRECT LIST (from Hamburg, next to some other European port, and then to the destination.)

Go to and view the online FHL Catalog to determine which of the 486 microfilm of indices and lists you'll need. If you search the catalog, by clicking the "Place" and then typing in "Hamburg" as part of "Germany" and then click on the topic "Emigration & Immigration" you'll find the entries. The research outline explaines "additional 48 rolls of microfilm for the Klüber Kartei, a newly acquired index for the Hamburg Passenger lists covering approximately 1850 to 1871." I was not aware of this newer index, and it may prove useful for your time period. It also explains:

-- The Fifteen-year Index
-- The Klüber Karteien
-- The Regular Indexes

Then it's just a matter of ordering the microfilm through your local Family History Center. To find one near you, visit:

Another interesting collection would be:
-- Reisepaß-Protokolle, 1851-1929. This is 332 microfilms of the "Passport applications recorded by the police information office in Hamburg. Each volume has its own index. Indexes show the name, birth date and place of the applicant, the year and file number."

Please write back and tell me more about your specific ancestor's name, age, family members and where he settled. We might be able to make more progress in the US before tackling the Germanic records.

Happy family tree climbing!
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