Friday, June 10, 2005

NEAT THINGS I've READ LATELY: Spinsters & Cemeteries

A friend in research was perusing the FAMILY, CHURCH & COMMUNITY CEMETERIES OF TROUP COUNTY GEORGIA, compiled by Dorothy McClendon, Lillie Lambert & Danny night. 1990. LaGrange GA: Family Tree. ISBN 89-85640. I ran across this interesting tidbit from the unnumbered page following page 446:

"When I was a child our village cemetery was a place young courting couples walked on a Sunday afternoon. After you got there you could sit out under the trees in the churchyard or wander around reading the different tombstones. I know of two of my friends who received their proposals of marriage while comfortably seated on some distant relative's final resting place. Real nice, I think.

I shall never forget one time when our village spinster set her cap for one of our widowers. He worked down near the railroad and at least twice a week the maiden lady felt the need to sweep off her mother's burial plot. (She had to pass the widower's office to get to the cemetery.)

As she'd pass my father's store gaily swinging her broom, he'd stand in the door and loudly proclaim to everybody, including the sweeper, "I'll tell you if he doesn't pop the question soon she's gonna sweep that poor old lady right out of the ground." My mother nearly had a heart attack every time he said it."

The author is listed as Sara Sopano, and the article titled: Cenmeteries were Cherished Places, was reprinted from the Columbus Ledger Enquirer, no date of publication indicated.

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