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[Myrt wrote] GLOBAL GENEALOGY (I haven't dealt with this organization. Does anyone have any feedback to give on their service?)

In response, I have personally used [Global Genealogy] several times as well as our local society, the British Columbia Genealogical Society, and I have found them to be [an] extremely helpful and excellent service. They also provide a weekly newsletter of specials, what's new at their store and a little bit of what is going on in the genealogy world. I highly recommend them.

From: Shelina
To compile my genealogy, I use Family Tree Maker, and print out several ancestor charts. Then I print out descendant charts for each of the ancestors. (I skip the one ancestors that will give me the exact same information, such as a spouse whose parentage and siblings are not known.) I make a "chapter" for each of these ancestors, or they get their own book, depending on how much information I have about the family.

To make the "book" more interesting to look at, I include as many pictures as I can find. I will include a picture of a grave marker if I do not have an individual's picture. I also include pictures for their stories. For example, if I find out that an ancestor was an automobile dealer, I find a picture of one of the automobiles they sold, or try to find one of their advertisements in the newspaper. Pictures of the church or school they attended, whatever I can find. I include examples of birth certificates, censuses, directory listings, plat maps, obituaries, etc.

I also include short articles about various topics relating to the family or the area. To quickly get basic information like this, children's books are very helpful. I take the information and attach the family information to it. For example, in my article about The Great Migration, I discuss each family member and their ages, and show some of the problems they might have encountered on their move north.

Articles I have written, so you can see variety are Andersonville prison, The Great Migration, Columbus Ohio in the early 1920s, Evergreen Cemetery, Genealogy Research, Our House in Africa, etc.

To make the book useful, I also include a birthday calendar for living individuals, and a report of burials sorted by cemetery, so that the user can easily visit their relatives when they go to a particular cemetery.

Once every few years, I print out the book, have it copied on double sided paper (since it is very big), and have it bound. Not only does this serve as a great backup, (and something I can show my relatives), it also shows me what additions and deletions I need to make for the next book.
I have found that many libraries - the Coshocton Public Library <> and the Columbus Public Library <>, in particular, have indexed obituaries and the index is available free on the web from [each] library's web site. This has been a tremendous resource for me to quickly look up not only the ancestors, but also collateral relatives. From that information, I can either go to the library (for Columbus) or to (for Coshocton), to get the actual obituary.

No More CERTO Bottles
I, too, enjoyed the article about canning. When we purchased the property where our house now stands (1961), it was full of wild blackberry bushes. We were expecting company one Sunday afternoon so I asked my husband if he would go to the property and pick some blackberries and I would make a blackberry pie. He did so and I did make the pie. The pits in those blackberries were so plentiful, that it was almost like eating a wooden pie with a blackberry flavor! I remember my mother and father canning - in the big pressure cooker with the wire rack (which I still have and use occasionally when I make chili sauce). My father enjoyed cooking and when he made peach and orange marmalade, it was nicknamed "Popalade."

Myrt, met you on the old Generations Talk Show and you mentioned you had a brother living in Delta (I live in North Vancouver). I was wondering if you have any future travel plans up this way and also your guest speaker rates. Am thinking I would contact our local society and suggest you as a guest speaker.

Thank-you for your kind thoughts. I just love getting out and about to visit with genealogists. We all seem to have the same challenges -- organization, finding enough hours in a day, etc. I was just out there last summer (2004) for my brother's daughter's wedding. It was the only time in three weeks that it didn't rain, thank heavens, since it was an outdoor June wedding. Am considering going back in June 2006. For more information about inviting me to visit your local or regional genealogy society see:

Happy family tree climbing!
Myrt :)
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