Monday, July 18, 2005

Eastman on WHY we must think of alternatives to EMAIL

This past spring, I began providing DearMYRTLE's column in the new-fangled XML feed format. It is called DearMYRTLE's BLOG. My website has directions for two methods (among several additional) for RECEIVING the XML feed. The following page summarizes the alternatives:

-- the old (very unreliable) mailing list method
-- the new (more reliable) method using MyYahoo & SharpReader, etc.

In the July 13, 2005 Eastman's Online Genealogy Newsletter, genealogy "techie" guru, Dick Eastman has written again to explain in reasonable terms WHY it is necessary to SWITCH to the newer method. Dick is always ahead of ol' Myrt here when it comes to the technical side of genealogical computing. In his article "Newsletters, Spam, and RSS: Get the Baby Out of the Bath Water" Dick writes "Unsolicited email, or spam, is flooding our in-boxes. Unfortunately, while trying to fix the spam problem, spam filters are often creating worse problems: frequently they are actually blocking some of the mail we want to receive, even (gasp!) this newsletter. It's a classic case of throwing the baby out with the bath water.

All sorts of things are being deleted from your in-box. Deletion happens more often on the Plus Edition newsletter because it is longer and is more likely to "trip" some of the spam filters' triggers. However, even the Standard Edition newsletter gets deleted occasionally.

The worst part is that when wanted mail is deleted from your in-box, nobody tells you about it. You don't know what is missing if you don't see it."

To read the rest of Dick Eastman's column, go to:

You can also find it by going to and searching for "bath water" without the quote marks. (Yes, it worked for me!)

I recommend switching to the NEWER METHOD today -- so you won't miss a single issue of Dick Eastman or (grin!) ol' DearMYRTLE.

PS - Please note that RSS and Atom are two types of XML format feeds. They "appear" the same to you, the reader.

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