Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Establishment of Trade Unions

From: RootDigger2000@yahoo.com
You wrote: "We all have ancestors who have survived the plague of the locust, spring floods, frontier Indian raids, bouts of cholera, death in childbirth, political coups and the establishment of trade unions."

I find that the inclusion of the establishment of trade unions as a disaster very, very offensive. My father was a union organizer and I am very proud of his work and the advancement of the workers in the factories he assisted.
-- Henry Ford worked men to death on those assembly lines and the trade unions finally stopped that activity.
-- Men died like flies in the coal mines and trade unions put a stop to that.
-- What about the horror of child labor?
-- If it weren't for trade unions we would still be working a 7-day week and 10 to 12-hour days.
-- Tragically we can now look at the national workplace with the decline of trade unions...low pay, long hours are back again. And it wasn't the trade unions that caused this; looked to greedy corporations as the culprits. As is said: "Follow the money."

Myrtle: Perhaps you need to read more history instead of putting yourself out as an expert in all matter of things pertaining to the human condition.

Well, back to genealogical research and digging up those lost ancestors.

I believe that I was referring to the physical strife and loss of life associated with attempting to establish trade unions. Even in this day and age, struggles for reasonable employment practices have proven deadly for many. Surely, any regular reader of my column understands the respect I have for human life. The concept of "finding one's roots" would hold no interest if I didn't hold human rights in high regard.

Happy family tree climbing!
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