Sunday, July 10, 2005

Official US Census Abbreviations Website

From: jean murray

A question about the census information:
In the 1920 census, under STATE BORN IN column, along with the state, for example "Ohio" there are the initials "USW" or "USC." Any idea what these could mean? I'm stumped.

After Googling your topic a bit this morning I found the answer to USC, but not USW. The official US Census Abbreviations website is located at:

The official definition is:
USC = (United States Code) Codified Government regulations.

This doesn't make sense in context. Also there was no listing for "USW."

Other abbreviations do make sense. I have run across them perhaps because of working the 1990 and 2000 US Federal Census as assistant field operations supervisor and in the data entry pool.

UA = (Urbanized Area) An area identified by the Census Bureau that contains a central place and the surrounding, closely settled incorporated and unincorporated area, that has a combined population of at least 50,000.

UDA = (User-Defined Area) The basic tabulation unit for the User-Defined Publication Area (UDPA).

URE = (Usual Residence Elsewhere) See UHE (Usual Home Elsewhere) and WHURE (Whole Household Usual Home Elsewhere).

Perhaps this "URE" COULD be what you are looking at, but the handwriting makes it difficult to decipher?

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