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Polish Town

My family is going on a trip to Poland in October. I know that my family is from a town in pre-WW2 Poland called "Likever" but cannot seem to locate it. Please Help! -- Thank you.

I am concerned that the spelling of the town's name may be throwing us off. It must be a very small town, for an all search of "Poland" returned regional sources such as:
Poland, Bia?ystok
Poland, Bydgoszcz
Poland, Gda?sk
Poland, Halicz
Poland, Katowice
Poland, Kielce
Poland, Koszalin
Poland, Kraków
Poland, Lublin
Poland, Lwów
Poland, Mazowsze (ksi?stwo)
Poland, Nowogródek
Poland, Olsztyn
Poland, Opole
Poland, Polesie
Poland, Pomorze
Poland, Pozna?
Poland, Rzeszów
Poland, Stanis?awów
Poland, Suwa?ki
Poland, Szczecin
Poland, Tarnopol
Poland, Warszawa
Poland, Wilno
Poland, Wo?y?
Poland, Wroc?aw
Poland, Zielona Góra
Poland, ?ód?
Poland, ?ód?, Granice (Radomsko)
Poland, ?l?sk

Source:'s Catalog where the collection for Poland is described as: "Place names are taken from these gazetteers: Spis miejscowosci Polskiej rzeczypospilitej ludowej, 1967. Film number 844922, Fiche numbers 6000369-6000383, Book number 943.8 E5s, and Skorowidz miejscowosci ... 1934. Film number 1343868, Book 943.8 E5sm."

I refer you to:
-- Poland GenWeb with volunteer Marie Davis
This website has a growing list of towns including province and former province. There is no listing for the town you specify but please review this page anyway: .

Reading the list of other town names leads one to believe that Likever has been phonetically spelled, and that we need to search using alternative spellings. For instance consider the use of the letter "y" for LYSKI sounds like "Liskee."

Is it possible that the town was in Russia?
-- Russia GenWeb with volunteer Mikhail Kroutikhin

Is there a Jewish connection? If so, do you think you are looking for a shtetl which are very tiny villages? From

shtetl - Pronunciation Key (shttl, shttl)
n. pl. shtetls or shtet·lach (-lä)
A small Jewish town or village formerly found throughout Eastern Europe.

Another thought:
This website features the book: Where Once We Walked: Revised Edition by Gary Mokotoff and Sallyann Amdur Sack with Alexander Sharon. "The award-winning Where Once We Walked (WOWW) has been revised and updated to reflect changes in the geography of Central and Eastern Europe since WOWW was published in 1991. It identifies more than 23,500 towns where Jews lived before the Holocaust. Includes 17,500 alternate names. Includes Soundex index and "nearby town" index."

That site also offers: Genealogical Gazetteer of the Kingdom of Hungary by Jordan Auslander. "Information about more than 12,000 towns in the 19th- century Kingdom of Hungary that today comprises regions of Austria, Croatia, Hungary, Romania, Serbia, Slovenia and Slovak Republic."

It is possible a large public library may have copies of these books available for your review.

Alternately, you may inquire of professional researcher Gary Mokotoff for assistance with your query.

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