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UPDATE 2005: The Internet, Genealogists & the Future - Part 6

MEGA LIST SITES & GLOBAL SEARCH CAPABILITIES – In 1998 I stated that "sites listing or indexing other sites are useful when figuring out where to go on the information super highway are provided free due to support from commercial sponsors. Most webmasters site a handful of other genealogy sites as their particular favorites. However, experienced internet genealogists have long favored Cyndi Howells’ List of Genealogy Sites on the Internet." is still there, though everything is not listed. Alternatives include:

• Matt & April Helm’s Tool Box

• Genealogy Resources on the Internet

• Google, particularly the advanced search

DNA STUDIES – In 1998 I didn’t even write about DNA studies. Periodically, I receive an email from someone wanting a referral to a DNA service to fill in names on his family tree. DNA studies currently compare DNA from individuals to determine relationship. They can also place one’s genes as originating in a particular country or region of the world. DNA studies are not going to tell you the name of your 2nd great-grandfather and explain his military service during the US Civil War.

• Family Tree DNA reports "There is no reason to expect that two participants should match because they have the same surname and are from the same country. Surnames can have multiple points of origin, within a country as well as in more than one country, and migrations spread a surname geographically."

• Oxford Ancestors "Offers DNA-based services in genealogy MatriLine(tm) uses mitochondrial DNA to place a person in am evolutionary framework going back 150,000 years. MatriLine(tm) interprets your maternal ancestry linking you – if your roots are in Europe – to one of seven "foremothers."

• Sorenson Molecular Genealogy Foundation explains "The SMGF has a large y-chromosome portions of their database available to search. This dataset links y-chromosome haplotypes, surnames, dates and places of birth prior to the 1900s.

MEDICAL FAMILY HISTORIES – In 1998 I didn’t write about the need to compiled a medical family history. As the practice of medicine expands understanding of the human body and the impact of inherited tendencies for disease, the importance of tracking our medical pedigrees becomes increasingly evident. GeneWeaver is a program that will assist you in maintaining a database with printable charts to take with you to the doctor’s office.

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