Tuesday, July 26, 2005

UPDATE 2005: The Internet, Genealogists & the Future - Part 1

NOTE: Originally published in The Godfrey Update, Winter 2005 pp 16-19. www.godfrey.org

THAT WAS THEN: Back in the "dark ages" of the Internet circa 1998, I wrote: "...Hmmm! Improved access to original documents through effective indexing and scanning projects -- all available at a reasonable cost through the Internet! Then our research dollars can be saved for visiting the places our ancestors once lived. NOTHING can substitute for getting the lay of the land by strolling exactly where our ancestors once walked! Throw in a restored homestead or a church cemetery and I am in heaven!"

THIS IS NOW: In the spring of 2005, I'll take that research trip. Once I've updated my schedule on my Palm(r), I'll fly up to Pennsylvania using my latest winning-bid e-ticket from Priceline(r). At the airport I'll Blackberry(r) my family that I have arrived safely before I pick up the electric & gas-powered hybrid rental, prearranged on line, of course. I'll drive to Conrad Weiser's 18th century homestead following directions provided by MapQuest(r), augmented by the car's onboard navigation system. The new PalmCorder(r) will come in handy to document my tour of the homestead; and I'll use it to take some still shots of Conrad's writing desk, spring house and keeping room fireplace for the Weiser Family website. I'll mark the spot of his wife Anne Eve Feck's tombstone with my hand-held GPS. If in my excitement I lock the keys in the car, I can always call On-Star(r) for remote access.

[To be continued tomorrow.]

Happy family tree climbing!
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