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ACROSS MY DESK: Source Citations & Citation Detail

I've been hearing a lot of positive feedback in mailing lists from those who attended the genealogy conference at Brigham Young University in Provo Utah this past July. Among the gems of wisdom are these thoughts from Alan Mann,A.G. who also posted this on his website. Please remember that he is quite knowledgeable about (PAF) Personal Ancestral File, the genealogy software program available from
www.familysearch.org. To read this in context, see the complete article titled "Source Documentation For the Everyday Genealogist" http://www.alanmann.com/articles/source.htm

· A source can be oral or written from a person, a document, or other media. A source citation is a specific description of where you got the information used in entering the family history event or other data. A source description and/or citation detail gives the information required to identify the source as a distinct, traceable record.

· Sources identify the events that validate the existence of our ancestors and their familial relationships. Some are connected to an event such as a birth, christening, marriage, death, burial, or other event. Others remain "individual sources" unassociated with a particular event.

· The details from a source are the skeleton of our family tree.

· A source record in PAF has title, author, publication information, comments, repository, call number, actual text and image.

· A source citation in PAF adds film number, volume, page number, date, comments, actual text, and image.

· Both source record and source citation have fields for actual text and image. The difference is that the any comments, actual text, or image placed in the source record will apply to anything cited from that source. Image and actual text given in the source citation apply to that citation only. For example, a source might be the 1860 census record of a particular place. Several of your ancestors’ families are listed in that place. The source might be the census record for that place, but a citation would be the specific page that had a family. Thus, each family might cite the same source, but each citation would list the page of the census record on which that family appeared.

The image of a particular page would only be attached to the citation for the family that appeared on that page.

Any inquiries should be addressed to Alan via email at: mngs@alanmann.com

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