Sunday, August 07, 2005

All Saints Court C. O. F.

The C.O.F Stands for Catholic Order of Foresters. This was an organization that among other benefits provided insurance for it's members. It was started in Boston in 1879 by Irish immigrants as The Massachusetts Catholic Order of Foresters. It did spread to other states and other nationalities. I think Notre Dame has some Forester records. And TIARA in Boston is working on saving a large portion of Massachusetts records. They are still in the "boxing and moving" mode and the records are not searchable yet, but when they are they will a great resource.

THANKS for getting back to us so quickly. A Google search for Catholic Order of Foresters found contact information:
Catholic Order of Foresters
355 Shuman Boulevard
PO Box 3012
Naperville, IL 60566-7012

If would like to know more, check out the website:

I also found references to other Order of Foresters:
"An amazingly adaptable group of orders which in North America evolved from the Ancient Order of Foresters which in turn evolved from the British Royal Order of Foresters. Included in the family are the Canadian Order of Foresters, the Catholic Order of Foresters, the Independent Order of Foresters, Foresters of America, Companions of the Forest (or of Foresters) and several lesser Forester orders. All of the major American and Canadian branches of the order were founded in the 1870’s and in keeping with the times were fraternal benefit societies offering life and disability insurance to their members. Over the years, the insurance business gained dominance over the fraternal aspect of the orders. Survivors include the Independent Order and the Catholic Order The Ancient Order survives in England" For more info see:

It was on this last site that I discovered the scanned image of a certificate of membership dated 5 Jan 1909, in addition to a variety of membership pins.

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