Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Childhood Memories II

Submitted by guest author, Jane B. Mayo


So, you want my descendents to know how naive I was as a first grader at a little country school. Huh?

On my way to school each morning I had to pass one of the two community country stores. One cold morning, I saw this lady eating this huge sucker with white on the inside & chocolate on the outside.

I had already made my purchase for that day but the next day I asked for a sucker like that lady had yesterday. Looking out for me, the store owner lady asked if I were sure I wanted that as it was so cold outside, today.

What did being so cold have to do with my wanting that big sucker? I had never had a sucker that big. It would probably last a week or longer instead of "all day" suckers I had heard about. After a while, my teacher said, "Honey, did you spill your milk?" I couldn't understand what she meant. She checked my book satchel (we did not know what book bags were in 1947). I started crying. My sucker had melted. My teacher explained that it was ice cream.

I agree with you that these stories are an important part of our lives. I am in the process of doing just this. I look for pictures that remind me of things of my childhood--games, washtubs, hen nest, eggs, water pumps & wells, cotton patches, rail fences, etc., as well as a picture of a popsicle just like the one described above. I found a picture of an old truck that looked like one that a neighbor used to pick us up to carry us to school, before we got a school bus out our way, just to name a few things. It is fun!!!

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